And here is the start…

Where to begin? I’ve made this little corner after a really shit 2020. The pandemic screwed me up physically and mentally, as I am sure it did many people. As someone who has battled mental health problems since as far as they can remember, the pandemic definitely didn’t make things any easier. But there was a plus side to this pandemic, right? This whole Covid-19 situation has made a lot of us sit back and re-evaluate a lot of things: How we’ve taken all the normal day-to-day things for granted, How much we love our friends who we barely got to see, Things could be worse, the list goes on. But one thing a lot of people have been questioning, myself included, is what we’re doing with ourselves.

Enter October 2020, after being put back on sertraline by the GP’s and having many MANY months of up and down anxious feelings.. I finally bit the bullet and decided to enroll finally on a comprehensive writing course. Writing’s always been something that I’m very passionate about. I write pretty much most of the time, whether it be journal entries (yes, I have one of those), poems, random ideas for stories, short stories, I figured giving myself a kick up the butt after decades of wishing I could would give me the boost I needed.

It’s going okay so far, my tutor gives good feedback to my stuff. But I also needed an avenue to write about stuff which is where I came up with the idea for this blog. I want somewhere that I can just post about everything and anything. Crap poems I’ve written, day-to-day thoughts, mental health related stuff, who knows. No-one actually has to spend all their time reading this if they don’t want to. I write as much as I talk – which is a lot. But if you do read this, thank you, and I hope you enjoy it…

If you’re wondering why I chose the name of this blog… it’s because it was the closest description of how I feel right now that I could think of. I am working on positive attitudes and outlooks and a lot of people who work with me or hang around me describe me as a hyper/happy/bouncy person, but deep down I’m a cynical individual. (A lot of the reasons why I’m so cynical is because of numerous negative experiences I have had, but we’ll touch on that some other time, maybe.) and as for the 35 part… well, that’s how old I’ll be in May 2021 so I just figured why not.

More updates soon.

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