A Look Back On 100 Happy Days…

A little while back, I decided to get myself involved in a 100 happy day photo challenge. I had done one a couple of years back and remember loving the prospect of it so why not try and keep the positive momentum going again?

For those of you who don’t know the #100HappyDaysChallenge, this is where you find something out of each day that brought you happiness and post a picture about it. It is a very good way of reflecting even on bad days to look for positive outcomes instead of ‘meh, I had such a shite day’.

The 100 happy days would have been finished a lot earlier than it initially was. But I had to take a 7 day hiatus (not by choice) because Instagram banned my profile! Apparently, if you go through a big unfollow spree to get rid of loads of accounts that aren’t good for your mental health, Insta thinks you’re a bot & bans you *shrugs*.

But the 7 day hiatus was not my only obstacle that I had to face.

This batch of 100 happy days was hard.

When I did the challenge a couple of years back, it was so damn easy to find positives each day. Even if I felt like crap. Because I was always out and about doing something. I was seeing friends at least 2/3 times a week, so half the time my happy days were: ‘drinks with this one’ or ‘Pizza with my pals’ etc. And of course pandemic going on restricted a lot of day-to-day norms that would have brought a smile on my face in the past.

So why did I do it? Knowing it would be so difficult?

That is exactly why I did it. Don’t get me wrong, about five or six days in I was kicking myself a little but then I gave myself the boost mentality of: if I can’t find happiness in these crazy restricted times, when can I? This motivated me to work harder to find the positives in each day. And it was worth it.

Within the first few weeks of 100 happy days, I had some real hard tests to face. One of my friends passed away from Covid, I was stuck in the same four walls all day with my parents driving me crazy (and me driving them up the wall too I’m sure), I kept getting sick from stress and anxiety, there were many days where I had to sit and think really hard at the end of the day ‘what can I post that was good or happy out of today?’

Nether the less, I did it. I made it too 100 happy days. So what have I learned from this? What kept me going? What were the highlights for me?

What I learned…

Overall while doing the challenge, I have learned that you can find something positive or happy out of each day. Some days it’s not going to be as obvious, and you may have to think a bit harder about something positive or happy, but there is always something good.

What kept me going?

I had a lot of determination to see this out. A lot. I also, stupidly, was still at a point where I stressed a lot about what other people I.e. my followers would think. I didn’t want to have people see me do about 25 days and then nothing again. My anxiety kept panicking that people would sit there and laugh like ‘wow she couldn’t even get to 50’.

It isn’t the most ideal (or only) motivation I had. But wanting to prove other people (or really, the images of other people’s perceptions in my head) wrong and making it was a very good motivational push to keep pursuing it. I also didn’t want to be negative every day, I wanted to go to bed at night and feel happy about something. So that idea of ending my day with a smile really helped push me to carry on.

What were the highlights?

It would be hard to actually pick out from the 100. However, there were certain days that really stood out to me. Which are pictured throughout this post. The parts I loved were:

– Finding confidence in myself. – Positive mantras sent to me from friends. – Special cruelty free deliveries. – Writing activities. – Haikus. – Spending time with my best friends.

Doing the 100 Happy Days challenge has been eye-opening, and heart-warming for me. It has also really made me want to continue looking for positive things out of each day (as hard as it may be sometimes). It’s given me the logical ability to do my best each day to try and keep smiling.

Have you done a 100 happy days challenge? If you haven’t. I would highly recommend it. You will be surprised at how easier it is then you think to find a positive from your day.


  1. It’s amazing that you kept going and wanted to do it because you knew you’d find it difficult. That’s a huge achievement in itself so you should be mega proud that you completed it! I’ve tried things like this before but honestly, I give up because of laziness! However, I do keep a gratitude journal and write things down every night which is another great way to look back on the positives etc! x

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