‘The Sight Of You’ Book Review 💖

As you may or may not know, I am a very versatile reader. I will pretty much read any genre, but love stories I always find very hit and miss. I’m sure you can understand what I mean though, a lot of love stories can get quite predictable, or the characters are boring, so I find that with a lot of books I can put them down as quickly as I pick them up.

So when I saw this book advertised as ‘a love story like no other’ I was intrigued. And the blurb really got me interested.

I finished reading this book a few days ago, and I don’t normally write about every book I read (as I read way too many books!) but this one I just had to write about. This book is an absolute game-changer.

What’s the plot?

The plot is a very interesting one. Joel, the lead guy in the story, has dreams about the future, but only about people that he loves. Callie enters his life and they start to fall for each other. But then Joel ends up dreaming about how things will end and it sends a spiral into the works. He is then torn on what the best thing for both of them is. (I can’t write much more then that because spoilers sweetie, you should read the book yourselves!) the story then goes into the decisions made and the effects they have on both characters.

How is it written?

Holly Miller writes this book beautifully. I find as an aspiring writer myself that how you write the book from characters perspectives is so important. But it’s also not as easy as people think. Writing in first-person is difficult at times because then you can only write everything from that persons perspective. But to write in third-person means you have to be careful not to confuse the character viewpoints too much.

What Holly does with her book is she writes in first-person but by both characters, each chapter is either Joel’s or Callie’s point of view. I think this has actually made the book even more moving and relatable, we are getting to be invested in both characters and their thoughts, feelings etc.

Holly manages to make us feel and understand from both sides of the fence and gives us a very moving and emotional ride from start to finish.

What are the characters like?

From the beginning of the story, you understand that Joel has always had this ‘gift’ where he can have dreams about the people he loves in the future. This gift of his has effected many relationships and friendships, particularly when he takes action to stop events from happening to those he loves.

Joel struggles with this, as a result he is very against falling in love or letting people in. As far as Joel is aware, he’s the only one in his family who has this gift and isn’t sure anyone would understand it if he told them. Throughout the story, you can really feel Joel’s anxiety and fears, he struggles to sleep as a result – and as we all know, lack of sleep can cause a lot of other issues.

I felt for Joel throughout the entire book, especially as certain relationships and scenarios develop, Holly has written him so well that we can feel his upset and pain in many of his decisions made throughout the story.

Callie is an extremely likeable character from the start. I think most women who read this will relate to her, Callie is a positive soul yet she struggles with many things. Her best friend was killed suddenly, and Callie stepped up and now runs her late friends cafe, while putting all of her own dreams aside. Her character has put aside a lot of goals and dreams for the sake of others and also a little bit of personal fear that her dreams won’t be achievable.

Callie falls for Joel very, very quickly. Despite his reservations and hesitations throughout the relationship, she loves him deeply. You really start to empathise with her when the cracks start to show (after Joel’s dream) and how she handles/reacts to the aftermath.

What’s so special about the story?

I think for me, the main beauty of this story is that it isn’t a typical romance. There isn’t this whole ‘oh they met and everything fell into place, they all lived happily ever after’. This story covers the concept that sometimes everything isn’t as good as it seems. The story covers sacrifices too. How people can sacrifice their own happiness because they want something better for someone else.

The story has a good slogan to it in the sense of ‘if you knew how something was going to end, what would you do?’

When I first started the book and read about Joel’s dreams I did think to myself ah, how much easier would life be if I could see how things would happen?. But this book really makes you express a lot of sympathy for Joel, having this gift was not the greatest thing ever. To him, it was ruining his life. It was a burden.

I mean, imagine dreaming something bad happening between you and a partner and knowing it was going to come true? Or a relative having something bad happen to them or worse?

This book made me appreciate that some things are just better left unknown.

Does the ending work?

The ending is heart-warming, bittersweet and beautiful. I actually had teary eyes as I read the last few pages. I didn’t actually foresee at all how the last few chapters of the story would go, let alone how it would end. But the ending was absolutely perfect.

So, there you have it. I can’t give too much away really because I want you guys to wanna read it. It is honestly a beautiful story and it really is what it says on the cover ‘A love story like no other’.

I look forward to reading whatever Holly Miller has in store for us in the future.



  1. This is a comprehensive review, allowing readers to make an informed choice about whether or not to read the book, and as an aspiring writer myself, I appreciate your view point. Thanks for sharing!


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