Home Truth’s you REALLY need to come to terms with if you want to make it

What is a home truth?

“an unpleasant fact about oneself, especially as pointed out by another person.”

Nobody ever likes to hear a home truth. In fact, people get offended very quickly if you throw harsh realities like that at them. But although they aren’t necessarily the nicest things to hear, home truths are a very important tool to achieve vital self-growth.

I have put this little barrel of home truths together for us all in one blog post. These are home truths I have learned from other people, and from reflection on myself. I personally think these home truths are so handy for anyone who wants to move forward with a positive mentality and happy life.

Some people just do not like you.

It’s horrible, no one wants to be disliked or hated. But sadly, no matter how nice you are to everyone, how pretty you might be or no matter how hard you try, sometimes people will just not like having you around.

Now, not liking someone doesn’t give anyone an excuse to bully or be nasty, that’s just solid prick behaviour. But in order to make any progress with your life, you HAVE TO acknowledge (and accept) that you are not going to be liked by everyone.

The same goes for the dating scene as well. You can be the hottest person in your whole friendship group and get attention left right and centre, but guess what, there’s at least one person out there who just ‘doesn’t understand the hype’ when it comes to you.

You know when you get that creepy friend or admirer (c’mon, we have all been there at least once) that never takes a hint no matter how many times you reject them, to the point that when they are the ones who like or comment on anything you do, you just end up sighing and getting annoyed. Well, some people might feel that about you. Harsh, but true.

Sometimes we all try a little bit too hard to be liked. We obsess over fitting in and being invited to all the do’s, having all the friends, but do you know what? It isn’t worth it.

Instead of obsessing over being popular. Obsess over being yourself. You won’t win everyone over, hell, you might not even win more than a few people over, but the right people will fucking adore you as you are.

Your body, Your decision – but people will always have an opinion.

I am all for doing whatever the fuck you want with your own body. No one else has a right to it but you. If you wanna refuse to shave anywhere, express your lady lumps or smother your body in tattoos: you do you. You are the person who has to look at yourself every day, so long as you are happy with what you are doing with your image, that is all that matters.


We sadly live in a world full of trolls. We will never win against trolls, ever. There is a troll out there for every single type of person. Trolls to mock larger people, trolls to mock people who get lip fillers, trolls to act mortified at your tattoos and piercings. I am not for a second saying that you should just let them get away with it, or you should let people mock you.

What I’m getting at here is, unfortunately if you are going to flaunt things about yourself that others may not like, you’re going to get criticism. It’s not okay, but the world isn’t full of roses honey. You need to take the comments with a pinch of salt.

So long as you are happy with what you are doing, that’s what’s important.

Manifestations need more than just some written down wishes.

Now I am all for positive energies, good vibrations, the law of attraction. I believe in law of attraction, I really do. But there’s one thing that I don’t agree with and that is people assuming that just sitting and wishing for something is going to make it happen.

I don’t care what any book you read about it says, you can’t just sit in your room and write down ‘I am going to be rich and meet the love of my life’ every single day and it will just appear to you. If you are living with this mindset then guess what: you are lazy and you won’t get anywhere with it.

Yes, vibrations match vibrations. Yes, you need to affirm and believe positive things will happen to manifest them. But you cannot just sit around waiting for it. The universe is listening to you but it’s only going to give you the opportunities you want if you actually go out and make an effort to get them.

I mean, think about it, if it was really that easy, would any of us be trying to seek it out all the time?

So get off your butt and make it happen!

And last home truth of the day is this:

Not everyone in your life will always be there.

This one is a hard pill to swallow. I know. But it is something we do have to address. Whether it be due to death, drifting apart or the dreaded fall-outs. One home truth I have had to come to terms with lately is that, things just don’t always work out or progress with the same people around you.

It’s no secret that I am at a rather lonely phase in my life at the moment. I don’t really have anyone I can talk to about certain things and a majority of my friends are doing their own thing and honestly, I can’t tell you the last time some people even had a conversation with me. It doesn’t mean of course, that I’m writing all these friends off.

But what I will say is, I’ve posted and shared a lot of stuff about how I’m feeling and how alone I am and do you know who has ever responded to my statements? People on Twitter who I’ve never met in person. (Obviously I’m grateful for all you Twitter people, you are amazing <3) people just aren’t always going to be there for you all the time like they used to be.

And let’s not forget that sadly we still live in a world where people promote mental health but accuse you of attention seeking if you share how you feel.

But the point I’m getting to is, as we grow and progress in our lives, some people are only there for a short period of the ride. They then get off and go somewhere new away from you.

I wish I could tell you that you get to a point in your life where this doesn’t happen so often but I wouldn’t be honest if I did. We will most likely spend a majority of our lives questioning who our ‘real friends’ are, and constantly losing people or drifting apart. But the important lesson we need to have here, is that we understand the process.

Life is too short to get mad at people for having different paths to yours or leaving too soon. Accept that everyone crosses paths with you for a reason and sometimes they might not be crossing paths with you forever.

Life is hard. It’s not perfect. We are not perfect. But we can be happy and we can grow to love ourselves if we allow a lot of home truths to sink in.

Some home truths may be brutal but they are just part of the puzzle that we’re building of our self-growth.

We have all got this. It’s just sometimes we have to be a little harsh and blunt with ourselves to move forward.


  1. I’m so here for this post!! I honestly hate the people that have “mental health matters” or something along those lines in their bios but then berate people and call them attention seeking. And you’re so right, manifesting something isn’t just about some affirmations written down, it’s about making changes and doing the work as well.


  2. Great post! I definitely agree with all of these, particularly that we need to worry more about ourselves and less than others, and that we can do whatever we want with our bodies. Thanks for sharing x


  3. Not exactly the easiest read but damn is it needed! I feel like we’re living in a time where so many of these home truths are downplayed and people make things seem easier than they are (especially when it comes to manifestations etc). Social media is especially full of toxic “positivity”. I really appreciate this post.


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