A (late) Diary Entry – July 2021

Okay so a day late for my July post as it’s now August! It’s just been an exhausting week and I’m going through that whole ‘I just don’t have energy’ phase.

So what sort of things have been going on for me in July?

There’s still been a bit of an on/off battle with anxiety and the battle for positive thoughts over negative but hey Ho. It is what it is.

My month started really fun. I went down to Kent to visit my brother and his boyfriend (and their two cats) and had a lovely couple of days. We went to a few lovely places and at one point even had fresh fish and chips by the sea.

I’m trying to get more in to the reading and writing routine, as I am not getting anywhere lately with my lethargic attitude. I’ve joined a book tours club where I get to sign up to review certain books (free books, I’m in!) so look out for a review for the first book I’m reviewing ‘Defiant’ at the end of August.

I’m reading a lot of good manifestation things and writing as much poetry as I can. I also started doing an OpenLearn free course!

OpenLearn is great. I’ve even started studying some other stuff online with them to extend my knowledge and it’s free.

I’ve spent most of the month just spending each night hooked on Love Island (yes, I’m that girl). Seriously, what is Liam playing at eh?

So there’s a lot of good things from July and my focus is to make August even better! Positive manifestations and vibes all the way. Keep your fingers crossed for me, eh?!

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