DEFIANT by Ann Denton Book Review

Recently I signed up with Love Books Tours (@lovebookstours handle on Instagram and Twitter), they give you the opportunity to read books for free in exchange for helping spread the word on what you’ve read through a review.

This is my first book review post for one of their book tours (first of many). This review is about a book I’ve read called ‘Defiant’.

I couldn’t have picked a better book to start off with. Anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I have a slight obsession with wolves. I’m even working on a fantasy novel myself involving wolves, so when this book came up on the tour list I jumped at the chance!

Defiant is a story about Elena, a girl who was still waiting for her wolf to arrive and when it eventually does, she gets herself in a spot of bother when she’s found nude in the woods by the alpha wolf Black.

The story is told in first person, but the thing I particularly love about this book and how Ann has written it is, it’s not only told by one person. The chapters are split between Elena, Black and, Elena’s best friend/friend with benefits Jonah. I feel like with a story like this, it’s important to tell it from different angles, the issue with first person story telling is that you only ever usually get to understand anything from one point of view.

What I also love about this story-telling, is unlike in many other wolf novels you read where the character just morphs in to a wolf at regular intervals, in this story, the wolves are like a separate being in a way, communicating with the characters in their head. I found this to be a very engaging and fascinating take on the story.

The way the book is written, you get to relate to all three of the main characters. Not only does it give you an open mind with all the characters but, the lay out of the book itself is very well-written and clear. There’s no overly long paragraphs, the book is a very easy read from start to finish.

One thing I wasn’t aware of when I first got the book delivered, until I read the small print, was that the book is a very sexual one. Erotica is always a bit hit and miss with me as sometimes I can read things and find it a bit too dirty and over the top. But Ann has managed to write an in-depth brilliant story with a lot of sexual nature, without making it seem like you’re just reading a porno magazine, a mistake some other writers can make quite easily.

I will be honest, it can be a struggle sometimes for me to get really into books. Especially with my very easily distracted ADHD brain. But this book genuinely lured me in from the start.

The art work for the book is also incredible. I know they say don’t judge a book by it’s cover but, wow. The cover definitely lures you in to want to read this book!

I don’t want to give too much of the story away as then you won’t want to read it. But, the book is book one of a series – which is very handy because the book ends on a bit of a cliffhanger!

I loved every thing about this book from start to finish. And I can’t wait to indulge in book 2…

Look out for my review of Book 2 in the Series ‘Defiled’ coming late September.

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