Okay. So call me insane if you will, but I have decided to take on the BLOGTOBER challenge!!

Am I crazy? Most likely. But when I read up about this challenge I thought hey, why the hell not?!


Blogtober is a challenge for bloggers where they have to post something on their blog every day for the month of October!

This, I’m sure you’ll understand, is particularly challenging for me as especially in the last few months I have had a few bumps in the road and blog posts have been few and far between :(.

However, what better way to get back in to the swing of it all and get myself more active in my writing then to task myself with doing a post each day!

I know a lot of other bloggers out there generally use Blogtober to have a set Autumn/Halloween theme but I have decided to just do blog posts as normal throughout the month. Some will be Autumnal or Halloween related, (I will have a couple of posts where there are ranked Halloween films and good Shudder channel recommendations) a lot of my blog posts are going to be the usual stuff I post like haikus, poetry, book reviews, and of course some day-to-day life blog posts about mental health and other things.

Don’t worry, i’m not going in blindly each day. I have scheduled some posts already and I have planned out what the posts are for each day of the month and hopefully having them all written up and scheduled at least 5 days in advance. So there will be a new post every morning in October.

Please don’t unsubscribe or unfollow me for posting every day ;p I promise it’s not going to be every day of the year. I have a full-time overwhelming job, I don’t have the time to do it every day of the year. But I am hoping that after this it will get me back into some regularity where you guys can expect at least 2/3 posts a week.

I hope you enjoy my Blogtober posts everyone! Xxx

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