The Story behind the ink

As some of you may or may not know, I am a bit of an ink addict.

I am currently a few days away from getting my 20th and 21st bit of ink on me, so you could say I have a bit of an ‘itch’ for being inked haha.

Now this post idea, I must say, wasn’t originally mine. I actually came across a ‘story behind the tattoo’ suggestion in a list of potential blog ideas to use on someone else’s blog. I then of course thought to myself, what a cool idea!

Now don’t get me wrong, some of my tattoos don’t have specific stories behind them. I just love art and some times I get a tattoo purely because it’s something I like (for example my half rose sleeve on my right arm, I just love roses!) or a cool flash idea I’ve seen.

But in some cases, there is a story behind the pieces of ink I’ve chosen. They might not be the most exciting stories or reasons, but I thought I’ll share them with you anyway 😉

So firstly, and probably one of the most meaningful (and smallest) tattoos I have, is the semi-colon. I am sure all of you now know what having this inked on you means. But for those that might have been living under a rock, the semi-colon is a representation of suicide awareness and mental health support. The concept is that in writing, a semi-colon is used when you could have finished a sentence, but you choose to extend it. And this is used quite commonly now as a symbol for not giving up.

I always knew when I started getting inked that I had to get this on my body at some point. As someone who has had and still sometimes has, many a dark day and a lot of dark thoughts and demons, I can relate quite hugely to how it feels when you just don’t want to wake up anymore. But I don’t give up. I’m always hopeful that with each day it can get better. The semi-colon on my wrist is a constant reminder of this.

Fun fact about me: I’m a big Star Wars fan. As well as this pictured SW piece on my arm, I also have a big Obi-Wan realism piece on my leg. There wasn’t a big meaning story behind that one other than the fact that Ewan as Obi was my first proper celebrity crush and also just a bad-ass character and episode 3 is a top hit for me. But anyway, we’re not talking about my Obi calf. This is about my Han Solo ink piece.

I was always a bit of an odd girl. While most girls would have probably aspired to be like Princess Leia or focused on other cool female leads, I was very into very big male roles and just finding a lot of male character rebels so Awesome. I mean, I spent most of my childhood sneakily watching Sharpe every Wednesday night while my sister was asleep and my mum was at bingo (my Dad never told my mum he was letting me watch it), so I grew up loving things like Sean Bean yelling bastard and shooting/stabbing people and I don’t think it was until my teens when I discovered bad-ass women like Xena and Buffy that I actually realised women were cool. (Apart from Wednesday Addams who I always admired but we get to her in a mo!)

Anyway I am literally doing my usual waffling/side tracking so back to the actual point here! so Han was my favourite person in the original trilogy. He was so cool, I never fancied him – he was too old, but I thought he was soooo cool. But there was one quote he once said in the Empire Strikes Back “never tell me the odds” which stuck with me. And moving forward I always kind of used that quote as a motivation to myself, I didn’t need to know the odds, it didn’t matter, what mattered was that I beat them. And so that is the story behind that tattoo, or in a nut shell it’s my favourite characters quote and then his blaster and the rebel symbol but the back story is more fun, right?

Wednesday Addams. Where do I even begin to explain why she is now permanently marked on my body?! Wednesday Addams is an icon. She’s my icon. I literally wanted to be her. As a girl growing up in an environment that i didn’t quite fit in to, I was never a girly girl, I mean, I had barbies and loved disney but I just couldn’t get the whole girly thing down.

Wednesday and her family were gothic, unusual, funny and just so interesting. And I loved Wednesday’s dark humour and the way she was so not down to be loved by some nerdy boy before she’d even hit puberty. So I knew that at some point, I would have Wednesday tattooed on me. Because Wednesday represents one of my favourite things to watch growing up, who I wanted to be (and sometimes still want to be). Wednesday will forever be my idol. Period.

I have always had a bit of an obsession with wolves. Since before Twilight made them a big thing. I actually spent a lot of my childhood and teen years having dreams about wolves. I even wrote a story as a kid about someone being killed by a wolf (yeah I know, sadistic ten year old. Although just FYI the whole story wasn’t just about a kid being killed by a wolf, there was other important plots going on).

So I decided to go to Alice, one of the ladies who does my traditional style tattoos, and asked her to put together a trad wolf for me. I wanted a wolf on my body but not a typical realism one like a lot of other people with wolf tattoos had. The above was the result.

My left leg is Alice in Wonderland themed. Yep, any tattoo that goes on my left leg is just Alice in Wonderland. I have a fair few AIW tattoos on me now. The one above, the teacup piece, is the latest addition to the Alice leg.

Alice in Wonderland is my favourite Disney film. I also love the story itself, I’ve got quite a few different versions/editions of Alice in Wonderland. I just love everything about it, I love the quotes, I love the absolute nonsense of it all.

Lewis Carroll gave us a complete escapism with his novels. I love the idea of being lost in complete nonsense, even just for a little while. It’s also great inspiration for someone trying to be a writer to know there are no limits.

Okay so this last one I’m sharing with you, is a little outline one of Nancy from the hit film The Craft. Now firstly, the tattoo is cool AF which helped me decide from someone’s flash sheet one day that this was the one.

But, it is also a reminder of my younger days. I had a best friend who lived round the corner from me and when we were… I’d like to say very early teens (?) we watched The Craft in her room and became obsessed with it. To the point that we even used to try and do the ‘light as a feather’ spell in her room and shit. It was great fun. Yes, Nancy was the bad guy in the film. But without her, the film would have just been some boring story about girls doing spells. We needed that psycho energy which made the film what it was!

So there you have it, some nice little backstories that you probably didn’t actually need but thank you for reading 🙂

Maybe at some other time I will go through some of my other ones!

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  1. I love your ink and I’m hoping to get my fifth tattoo done sometime soon. It’s so cool you shared the meaning behind them as I think that gives a lovely connection to you as a person. I have a lot of meaning behind my inks too so I get the importance of each one. Thanks for sharing!

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