Fictional Women that shaped me..

Growing up, we all develop our own dreams, we plan our futures and we focus on certain people that we consider to be our ‘heroes’.

As an aspiring writer, and someone who has been obsessed with stories and television shows and films forEVER. I thought it would be a good idea to share with you the women over the years who have hit me the hardest.

These women, although fictional, taught me things about myself that I didn’t know. They at some points, felt like they were me. And they inspired me in various ways. So here it is: the fictional women that have shaped me…

Note: The images in this post were not taken/made by me. These were quote images located on Google.

Jo March: Little Women (film versions and book).

Jeez, where do I begin with this iconic character? Jo March was.. is an absolute gem in the literature and film world. Please note, I love both Little Women films, the early 90s one with Winona Ryder in the role has been a very over-watched film over the years, but I like this particular image and quotation from the latest version. Also, the new film had some amazing parts the 90s version did not but anyway, either film, book, tv series or whatever Jo March is in: her character is a symbol for feminism. I related to Jo always because of her writing dreams.

I cannot begin to explain how much Jo March’s story in Little Women inspired me to be a writer. She also stood up for not just being some wife, which I think was very different and important at the time The author wrote this story. But it is still so important now where us women are still being made to feel like we have to marry off and fall in love to be successful.

Peyton Sawyer, One Tree Hill

(Fun fact: I had to retype Peyton on my phone 8 times because it kept changing it to ‘Leyton’ because I watch Lucas and Peyton videos on YouTube all the time because they are GOALS) that was a lot of the word ‘because’. Sorry.

One Tree Hill came out in 2003 when I was 17. I was in college, studying things that have nothing to do with what I do now or what I wanna do. Dawson’s Creek had officially finished not long beforehand, and I was missing that good teen drama in my life. Peyton was instantly my favourite character – because she was the Emo type girl. She had a fantastic taste in music and was very different to the standard beauty-queen type leads you get on shows.

Peyton had a lot of dramas throughout the six seasons she was in, before she got her long-awaited happy ending with Lucas. I mean come on, that was a painful fifth season desperately waiting for them to admit their feelings and get back together. But Peyton was literally the coolest, I wanted to be her. So bad.

Gigi – He’s just not that into you.

I could spend all day explaining why He’s just not that Into you is an absolute legend of a film. But I won’t bore you.

Gigi, is literally me. She makes a fool of herself, she’s awkward, quite scatty, she reads way too much into everything a guy does. Watching Gigi in this film is literally like watching myself whenever I’m interested in a guy. (There’s a reason I’m single, ‘cool’ is not my thing.) but do you know what? Relating to Gigi in this film made me realise that I actually like being the way that I am. Yes, it rules out a lot of guys who run a mile over my silly uncool awkward behaviour, but there is someone out there who’ll appreciate it (I hope). Gigi didn’t give up hope, and neither will I.

Wednesday Addams.

I spent a lot of my last post about ‘stories behind my ink’ explaining why Wednesday is my idol. So I will keep this brief. Wednesday is different, and unashamed of how gothic/dark/scary she is. She is everything I aspire to be.

And finally… the icon:

Brooke Davis, One Tree Hill.

Okay so where do I begin with everyone’s favourite OTH girl? Although P. sawyer was my fave from the get go, it was Brooke’s story and character development that made me slowly fall in love with her character and also really relate to her on so many levels.

Brooke started off in the show as the cheerleader, the hot chick, the cool BFF to Peyton and another part of Lucas’s love triangle (sorry Brucas fans, but we all know Peyton would always be ‘the one’ for Lucas).

Brooke had a lot of layers which slowly unravelled as the seasons went on. She started off as what seemed like this cool, breezy and sometimes bitchy chick, to the vulnerable girl who just wanted to be loved. We could all, as women, relate to Brooke’s constant ups and downs in heartbreak. There was hope for her in the early seasons when Lucas had that romantic love declaration scene in the rain, but I think even Brooke knew that he’d eventually go back to Peyton. But Lucas wasn’t the only one who hurt her.

Throughout the seasons we see Brooke open up to more men, get heart broken, even physically attacked, she was abandoned by her parents (literally), but still remained such a strong woman. The reason I related to Brooke a lot more in later seasons was when she had got to a point where she couldn’t let a guy in anymore.

Enter Julian in season six, Brooke’s soulmate (spoiler alert)… she struggled to let him in because she had been broken so many times by men before. And my goodness can I relate to that. There is even a scene where Brooke says sadly into the mirror “why can’t you be the girl with the boy and the baby?” Or something along those lines.. and that scene hit me hard. I have had that conversation with my reflection, too many times.

Brooke is probably the top one on my list of female fictional characters who shaped me because she taught me throughout the show the importance of growth. She was literally the most bad-ass chick on the show from beginning to end but we saw so many beautiful layers of her along the way.

One other thing I loved about her character story was that unlike most other American teen characters in shows, they didn’t give Brooke an endgame right away. They didn’t just get her to end up with one of the other classmates. She grew up like we all do, she progressed as a person and then got her happy ending at the right time for her.

Forgive me for the cheesy side here but if that doesn’t give people hope about love and life I don’t know what does. On a serious note, I should probably be angry at One Tree Hill for all the unrealistic showers of love it has taught me to want out of life, but whatever.


  1. As soon as I saw that photo of Brooke Davis I knew I had to read this! I love this post – TV shows and film characters can have such a profound effect on us. I love One Tree Hill (I’m team Brooke but totally agree that Peyton was ALWAYS going to end up with Lucas but the way they went about it sucked and Brooke deserved so much better). I can definitely relate to Jo March as well, especially in the remake xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh I totally agree on the Brooke thing. But then it was kind of what I loved about Brooke’s character development as well because she just came out such a badass in the end and I loved her and Julian. She finally got what she deserved this whole time. One Tree Hill’s still such a massive impact on my life I love them. Oh yes wasn’t Jo in the remake just so relatable?! Thank you for reading xx


  2. Oh wow!!!!!! What a cool post! I love all these fictional women. Brooke Davis is my favorite from your list. Plus, I’m also a big fan of the actress, Sophia Bush. She’s a beauty with brains. But my all-time favorite fictional woman has to be Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. She’s a legend! And I can’t wait for Legally Blonde 3. Hehehe.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh this is such a lovely post Zoe! I haven’t seen any of these books/movies but it’s crazy how much of an effect they have on us. I’ll check these movies, books and TV shows out!

    Liked by 1 person

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