A little scatter of love haiku’s

It’s been a while since I did a Poetry post 🙂

I had a little bit of fun lately writing a little bunch of haikus about love. (For someone who doesn’t get lucky in love very often, I sure do write about it a lot).

So here’s some Haiku’s I have done. Enjoy:

I wish that you knew
All the measures that I took
Not to fall for you.


She just lost herself
Wrapped up in all the daydreams
He could never give.


I long for the day
That I can open the door
And see you again.


Please just fall for me
I promise it is worth it
Just give me a chance.


That feeling inside
Only gets ten times stronger
When I look at you.


Loving you was fine
Until the moment I lost
All parts of myself.


You are the beauty
I know I always needed
To enter my life.

❤ ❤ ❤ bit of a brief one today guys, but hope you enjoyed. More poetry pieces soon ;p

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