Assembling The Wingpeople Book review

This month has been a busy month for book tour reviews! Here is another book review for LoveBooksTours (you can find them under that tag on Twitter and Instagram).

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Can Tilda uproot her life and start again when her personality avoids risk-taking at every opportunity? Is Bea really in love with Mal or is her HRT causing emotional turbulence? And how long can Stewart use his estranged father’s death as the reason he has given up on himself?

Three people; three works in progress. Perhaps all it takes is one great weekend of connection, some belting nineties tunes, and a reminder of who they used to be before life got in the way.

From the author of Carry the Beautiful, Assembling the Wingpeople is a witty and honest look at getting older, the hang ups that never leave, and the struggle to find meaning without the societal brownie points of kids, spouse, and career.


This book is very well-written, and enjoyable. I am a bit of a sucker for reading about hope and positive things for an older age, perhaps because I constantly panic about being behind at 35? Who knows! But either way, reading about these main characters and their lives, and the way they became each other’s ‘Wingpeople’ was wonderful. The story made me smile. It had a very good rhythm to the story and a satisfying end.

I sometimes get a bit too panicky when books can have too many characters, but Nicky managed to keep this simple and sweet, without being too ‘busy’ and confusing.

I look forward to reading more of Nicky’s stuff in the future.

The book is available to buy on Amazon.

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