My Psychic Sisters purchases

As some of you are aware already, over the last year I have got really into a lot of witchy and spiritual stuff.

I recently found the wonderful Psychic Sisters while browsing online so decided to do a little breakdown of what I got and my thoughts.

Mixed bag of Healing gemstones

I love these gems so much. The little pouch they came in is also super cute, makes it easy to tidy them all away too. The delivery came with a guide to what the different gemstones mean and can be used for, so there was no need to worry about which ones to use.

Affirmation Sleep candle

I haven’t had a chance to properly try this one yet. And I probably should because I am having a bit struggle with sleep lately 😦 but it’s a cute addition to my room and smells lush. (Who doesn’t like a good candle huh?)

Wish Mist

This might be my favourite thing in the delivery. It’s a spray that you spray around your aura or environment while saying ‘my dreams and wishes have come true’. It is literally one of my favourite smells ever. Sometimes I feel like I am spraying it just for the smell in my room haha!

Love Detox Crystal Set

This cute little crystal tube contains a Rose quartz heart, Howlite, Tigers Eye, Rodochrosite, Bloodstone, Amethyst and Opalite. The directions are that you pick out 3 crystals in the morning, focus on the affirmation ‘I am loved and happy’ and Chant it in your head six times. Then keep those crystals close to you all day. I’ve actually enjoyed using this as part of a morning routine, really helps lift the mood a little.

That is all I’ve purchased from them so far, but the quality of their items are so good, I think I’ll definitely be purchasing from them again very soon 😉

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