The Halloween Films. Ranked by me.

Okay so here is a couple of quick disclaimers before I get this post going..

1. Images are movie posters/images from Google and I do not own them.

2. This entire post is not factual, so please do not be offended if your favourite Halloween film isn’t my favourite Halloween film.

This entire post is just my own opinion on the Halloween films. An opinion I have a right to, as do you.

So as we are in October, and it’s spooky season. I thought I’d get in the Halloween spirit and do a post containing my Own little ranking of the Halloween films. Theres eleven released at the time of me writing this post (this post was written before the release of Halloween Kills) so here is my ranking

The Halloween Timelines. important note: The 11 Halloween films don’t all tie in with each other. So for those of you who might not have seen them all or don’t know what order to watch them in. Some of them you just shouldn’t watch together because there’s a totally different Myers story. For a quick breakdown see the relevant plot stories below:

Plot line 1: Halloween 1-2 & 4-6

Plot line 2: Halloween, Halloween 2 & Halloween H20, followed by resurrection (as I’ll explain below I chose to ignore resurrection exists usually when I mention plot lines)

Plot line 3: Halloween & Halloween 2019 version (this will be followed by the 2 new releases)

Halloween 3 Season of the Witch is a stand-alone. The Rob Zombie versions of Halloween and Halloween 2 are also separate.

So below is my rankings from worst to best including my personal opinions as to why the films are good/bad.

Number 11. The WORST Halloween Film.

Halloween Resurrection

With most Halloween films, I try and see the good side to each one, but with this one… I really struggle. The film I don’t think was even necessary. Especially when they did this whole awesome Laurie V Michael at the end of the previous film (H20) and they completely ruined it in the first five minutes. They had this stupid Busta Rhymes V Michael scene. Oh God I need to stop talking about this film. The whole film is terrible. End of.

Number 10: Halloween 6: The Curse Of Michael Myers.

This film isn’t actually that bad. It’s just not as good as some of the others. The story for this was interesting though and had a completely different take on why Michael Myers is evil. Plus, Paul Rudd is in it. He’s awesome. It’s definitely worth checking out if you are watching the relevant timeline. (Remember folks, there are different timelines/parallels of the Halloween story so some completely disregard each other).

Number 9: Halloween 4 The Return Of Michael Myers

I mean, the mask Michael had in this one was pretty bad for a start. But it was a good continuation from Halloween 2. I like the whole dynamic of Loomis’s obsession with Michael, to the point you sometimes have to question his sanity too. This film has all the qualities of a cheesy horror slasher, however I don’t watch it as much as some of the others.

Number 8: Halloween 2 Rob Zombie version.

Rob Zombie did a very cool version of Halloween which gave us a deeper look into the Myers family back ground that we don’t see in the original 1978 film. The sequel he did however, wasn’t as unique in my opinion. It was still good, and is a good take on the story but it’s not one I’ve repeatedly watched as much as the others.

Number 7: Halloween 3 Season of the Witch

Why is this film that has nothing to do with Myers ranked higher than some of the others? Because I actually quite enjoy it. It’s a stand-alone, it’s hilarious. And I think as a whole the film was incredibly underrated. Apparently the plan was they only did 2 Myers films and then wanted to do a series of different Halloween related stories. This didn’t go to plan as the film flopped and people demanded more Michael. But I actually have watched this one a fair few times and it is cheesy, funny, silly and very odd. So right up my street really.

Number 6: Halloween 2

This is a great film in general. But also not as interesting as some others I find. Following on directly from the end of the first ‘78 film, it goes through the aftermath of the attacks and also drops the bombshell that Laurie Strode is his sister. This makes the story that extra intensity and you feel like it makes a bit more sense why Myers is being the way he is after her.

Number 5: Halloween, Rob Zombie version

This film was great. I loved Rob Zombie’s version. It was so good, completely fresh and really got us into the back ground of Myers and his family. I really love this film. It’s so deep and also, that childhood scene of Myers killing that kid – awesome stuff. It just makes sense a bit more in this film, rather than just having this whole ‘oh a crazy man kills babysitters’, of course, some people are just crazy like Michael is in the stories but Rob did a fantastic job with this.

Number 4: Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers

This one is my favourite of all the crazy sequels in the original plot line up of 1,2, 4-6. The whole story with his niece and the aftermath of the previous film is so good. Not to mention some of the deaths are hilariously done. I actually loved the whole psychic connection between the two and the way this story unfolded. It’s definitely worth a high ranking in my book.

Number 3: Halloween (2018)

This new remake got a fair bit of slack, but I enjoyed it. However, the one thing that did bug me with this new one, set 40 years after the original, was that they completely disregarded the Laurie being his sister story. Although I understand them wanting to do something differently, it then to me kind of makes the story make very little sense. Laurie being his sister in previous films made it make more sense to me why he was trying to kill her. But, it is what it is. I did find this version awesome though with Laurie’s obsession over being prepared for Michaels return. Let’s also not forget that the kid Julian made that film hilarious. ‘SEND DAVE FIRST!’ Great kills, great characters and an awesome climactic ending. I’m excited for the two sequels!

Number 2: Halloween (1978 original)

You can never beat an original. The one that started it all, the game-changer, it is a classic. The originality of this one was brilliant. When we heard the theme music for the first time, saw that first kill. The wardrobe scene will always be a memorable moment. Jamie Lee Curtis is great as Laurie for the first time (well, she’s great as Laurie in all of them). Any one and every one should watch and enjoy this one.

But. The original Halloween isn’t my all time favourite. *prepares for multiple amounts of judgement*. I mean, they’re all great (except for resurrection) in their own ways but there is one Halloween film I love more than all of the others.

NUMBER 1: HALLOWEEN H20 Twenty Years Later

I have seen this film more than any other Halloween film and I love everything about it. I think if I’m honest, it might have been one of the first horror films I ever watched and also the first Halloween film itself I’d seen. It’s awesome to me honestly. I love that they overwrote the other sequels and just did a ‘20 years from Halloween 2’ storyline where Laurie has been in hiding for years under a fake name, she has a teenage son, principal of a boarding school, but still is on edge every Halloween. Then of course, Michael comes back. The film has a great cast. I think the kills in it are great. The tensity throughout is fantastic.

I also love that they had this whole story turn around so that in the end, Laurie stops running and actually goes back after Michael instead. It was a very respectful heroic move for her and the final scenes were brilliant.

So there you have it. As I said at the beginning, this is just my opinion. I can’t be arsed with any righteous people who want to give their arrogant ‘my opinion is right and yours isn’t’ comments. I have my own taste, you have yours, I just thought this would be a fun Halloween style post to do 🙂

Fingers crossed the two new releases will be awesome!

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