My Writing Page

As most of you are probably aware by now. I am an aspiring writer.

I love writing, my ultimate dream is to be able to write various things and get published. Of course, it’s not an easy overnight miracle, there’s a lot of hard work to go through to get there and I’m still miles away from finalising some things.

BUT I have decided to make a whole new account on Instagram specifically for my writing.

What’s made me do it? I was wary about a lot of my random freehand writing and poetry being on my normal Insta account, as some people might not have really wanted to read my scribblings, (I get paranoid anxiety about that shit ok). Also, we have to acknowledge that the Instagram algorithm thing is just horrific these days and you can’t see half of the posts you want to see from your friends etc. So I didn’t want to follow 1000s of writing pages on my main account and then never see some of the other stuff like friends personal posts or small business developments etc.

So I figured, why not just have a specific writing account on Insta where I can also interact with other writers and bloggers etc and various art accounts.

I must say, I’m completely humbled and overwhelmed by the support I have had already. I created the account on 5th September 21 and a month later the page already has over 500 followers!

That might not seem like much to some people, but to me, whether it be some of my friends supporting me or another writing account, over 500 people took the time to follow my writing page and read my writing.

It’s always a wonderful feeling when you write to know other people are reading your stuff, even if it’s just one person who relates to what you’re writing about. That you me is enough.

If you are on Instagram and would like to follow my writing page, it’s over at if you have a writing or blog account too that you want some support on, drop me a message 🙂

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