As you know I have been doing quite a few book reviews lately for Love Books Tours. Today’s post is for another gem of a book I have recently read with a promised review for them titled ‘Adventure Dayze’.

Written by Wayne Mullane, this book is a nonfiction account of Wayne’s goals over the last couple of years on hiking trips.

As much as I love a good fictional story and am working hard to make it as a fictional writer myself, I must admit over the last couple of years while learning new things in the writing world, I have fallen in love with non-fiction a lot.

I love the idea of actually reading an account of someone’s life and being in their mind as they take on a particular journey. This book was a great take on this from start to finish.

Now, I love a good nature walk, but I have a lot of limitations on what I can do walk wise. This is due to mainly, being an asthmatic but also probably quite unfit. Like Wayne, I have also wanted to potentially take on a hiking trip or try out some amazing hills or mountains but my tremendous fear of heights gets in the way.

Wayne writes this book so well and lays out the general day-to-day tackles of facing his own fears and fitness restrictions, while he and a group of friends plan to take on some of the most amazing hills and mountains.

The thing I loved most about the way Wayne had written these accounts, was whether he intended to or not, he made me feel like I was there. I felt like I was in his body, struggling to make it up that hill, stressing about how high he was, feeling those aches and pains etc.

This above snippet from the book is one of my favourite pieces as well. Wayne really reminds us all about the beauty of just walking and being out in nature, taking in what is around us.

It was great now the book was laid out too, with lots of tips and advice for things you would need to take with you for hiking, (also as the book was written throughout the pandemic period too it includes some updated items to take in light of current safety measures).

The book wasn’t extremely long so I easily sat down and read this in just two sittings over the course of 24 hours. I felt like Wayne had reminded me just how important my mental health is, and just how much we forget that walking is so good for your mental health.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is thinking of taking on a hiking trip or just frankly, anyone who’s interested in the idea of going for some little nature walks and seeing where it takes them.

After finishing Wayne’s book on a Saturday evening, I then went out first thing Sunday morning for a stroll in my local woods. This was something I hadn’t done properly in a while, it was like the book reminded me to just go out there and be one with nature.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 for Wayne’s book!

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