My first ever WITCHBOX

As most of you probably know by now, I am fascinated with witchy stuff. I’ve recently been purchasing a lot of books to learn more about modern day witch stuff and I also recently took the plunge and got a new subscription:

I subscribed to Witchbox, a monthly subscription box of witch goodies. And I have now received my first one, the October month.

Here’s some of the things I got in this first box.

How cute is the skull jar with a straw suitable lid?! I may just carry this everywhere with me going forward, (with a drink inside, obviously!)

As well as a cute little drink jar, I also got some spider food picks which will come really useful in the future!

I also got this gorgeous pentagram/pumpkin necklace

(I’m due a new upgrade on my phone in a couple of weeks the camera is a bit naff, sorry!)

I obviously put on the necklace straight away!

As expected with a witch box, I also got a spell kit. Am very intrigued to try this out.

I also got a nice soap bar, a stone and some really lush smelling Rose incense sticks.

Overall, I cannot fault my first Witchbox at all. I have use for every single thing in it and not to mention, the beautiful scent of Rose in my room right now thanks to the incense haha.

Definitely a subscription I will keep going with for the foreseeable future. I’ll keep you posted on how all this witch research goes 😉

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