Clara’s Return Book Review

Earlier this month, I did a book review on the book ‘Clara’ by Suzanna J Linton as part of Love Books Tours. I have now also had the opportunity to read and review the sequel ‘Clara’s Return’.

Where the first book had left us, Clara had gone away from the palace to find out more about her past while Emmerich continued his reign as king. This book picks up where it left off and as always there’s a lot of bad guys out there trying to destroy the King’s reign.

This book is really well-written and the characters in this second instalment are very interesting and likeable. The story gives us a deep look into who Clara is and where she is from.

I loved that we got to know Clara’s family background. The book isn’t too long so it is quite easy to read in a short space of time. I also loved the connection again between the two lead characters, and their reunion at the very end was sweet and satisfying.

Overall, like the first book – this was an enjoyable read.

You can get your copies of the Clara books on Amazon!

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