A Diary Entry – October 2021

So, I realised as I started writing this that I forgot to do one of my standard diary entry pieces in September but hey Ho!

Fresh ink done today

October has been an interesting month. In which I realised I still have a lot of stuff to figure out. My hormones and mental health have been all over the place, but after a recent blood test the doctors and I have found the culprit. My thyroid levels got too high. Generally I suffer from an underactive thyroid and have been on meds for it since about 11 years back. It turns out on a recent blood check my thyroid levels have gone way over. So hopefully in a few weeks the levels can go back to a good place.

I am also trying to learn and manifest good things for myself. I slipped off the positive radar for a little while and bitter feelings sank in again. Something I am not proud of. But I am now starting to become more aware of when I feel these negative vibes and try and divert them.

It’s a slow process, but I’ll get there.

I rejoined Hinge the other day. Might have been the biggest mistake ever, as I am not remotely popular on there at all. It’s a bit like school all over again: the ones who like me I don’t like, and the ones I like won’t like me back.

October has been stressful at times but, it has been an educational one. I’ve also enrolled on a poetry workshop starting next week in the evenings so I’m very excited for that. I’m hoping it will help me develop a bit more in my poetry writing.

I’m still struggling with some communication issues with friends and stuff, but like everything else, I will get there in the end I’m sure.

I just can’t believe we’re a couple of days away from November. Crikey!

Hope everyone has a great Halloween weekend! Here’s a pumpkin my nephew did yesterday 🙂

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