22 Things I Want To Achieve In 2022.

Here we are! Another new year begins. I know I’ve been super quiet lately on the blog front. But that will hopefully change this year.

Happy New Year to each and every one of you reading this right now. I decided that for my first 22 post I was going to lay out some goals. You may remember at the end of 2020 I did a ‘20 things I learned in 2020’ post, well, following that theme here is 22 things I want to achieve in 2022…

In no particular order..

1. Complete a first draft of a poetry book, or first novel (or both)!

I’ve been dreaming of this for pretty much most of my life, but despite all the rough ideas and scraps of paper/various notepads and a writing page, I am yet to combine something together as one book to publish. So I aim to try and achieve that this year.

2. Clear the debts £££

Self explanatory really that one. I am rubbish with my funds! That’s never been a secret. So this year I am hoping to get all my stupidity cleared down once and for all.

3. Write A Bucket List.

A bucket list is always something I’ve thought of doing and had rough drafts of in the past, but never really laid out a proper final piece. This year, I really wanna discipline myself and set myself goals.

4. Enter a minimum of ten writing competitions.

Last year I sporadically entered a few comps here and there but I know the best way to get the right critique and feedback and get my name ‘out there’, writing comps are a good way to start. I want to really commit to it and keep trying and hopefully I’ll enter more than ten. But I think ten’s a good starter goal.

5. Develop a healthy relationship with myself.

Self-love and confidence has been something I have struggled with since childhood. Comparing myself to other people and how much better off they are etc has been like a disease. This year, I plan to keep as positive as possible as much as I can when it comes to how I see myself.

6. Study something different and fun, and see it through.

I’ve always wanted to try out something new. So this year I hope to find something that appeals to me and try it out. And stick with it (I have a habit of quitting).

7. Have a healthy amount of savings for my plans.

My savings is currently at pretty much zilch, so this year I plan to budget properly to be able to do the things I want to do.

8. Spend more time publicising my blog and gaining more followers.

The lack of attention on my blog recently has been my own doing. I had a bad couple of months and barely posted/tweeted. So for 2022 I want to schedule more time to promote my blog and my writing and increase my following.

9. Find a regular routine that benefits me.

I am a very half-arsed girl a lot of the time. I always look up cool exercises I can do or work outs, sleep schedules etc. But barely see things through because I naturally demotivate myself from it. This year, I want to find a routine that works for me that I can stick to and feel better for.

10. Read all of Emily Dickinson’s Poetry.

I got the complete collection book recently and this year I plan to take some time to just sit and experience all of her works.

11. Challenge myself to one long walk a month.

Whether it be a woodland walk, or a walk to town instead of using public transport. I really want to walk more and I think one long walk a month would do wonders for my mental health.

12. Not spend any of my own cash on ‘fast fashion’.

I really want to keep trying to do good things for the environment. I’ve been a pescatarian almost a year now, most of my daily products are vegan/re-usable and this year I want to completely nip my clothing addiction in the bud. It’s more a self-esteem thing, I always felt the need to keep buying new things so I would feel good about myself and it’s all silly really. So this year, I aim to have any clothing I buy to be from charity shops or vintage stores or handmade by someone I know. (This might help me save cash too!)

13. Keep positive manifestations.

This is something I’ve been working on for some time and I want to keep at it.

14. Join some kind of social group/event.

Again with the wanting to do new things, I’d also love to meet new people whether it be a writing group, poetry event or something totally different.

15. Self-Discipline to the max.

That one kind of explains itself.

16. Be comfortable in my own skin.

Quite similar to #5 but this one is more actually being comfortable with my figure, facial features and all the other things I doubt so much. Just embracing I’m not perfect but I’m okay as I am.

17. Read at least 50 books.

My TBR pile is always growing but I’d love to be able to read 50 books or more this year. Any kind as well, poetry, fiction, non-fiction etc.

18. Learn sign language.

Don’t ask me why, sign language has always been something that’s interested me so I really wanna learn it if I can this year.

19. Attend more museums and exhibitions.

I’ve already booked to go to V&A’s Beatrix Potter nature exhibit in March. But I really hope this year to spend a lot more time in museums and exhibits.l and learn more.

20. Yoga.

Nuff said.

21. Spend a lot more time with friends.

The last 2 years I haven’t been able to see my friends as much as I’d like. I want 2022 to be a year where I have a lot more memories with friends.

22. Visit the seaside: often.

I don’t know what it is about the sea side but it always makes me feel relaxed and at ease. I pretty much only get to go once a year most of the time, so I want to try and go more to coastal areas throughout 2022.

So that’s it, that’s my 2022 goals. Hopefully I’ll be able to come back here in a year and say I’ve met them 🤞🏻

Hope all of you have got a fantastic 2022 ahead of you. Thanks for reading.


  1. This is a great list of goals for the year! It would be cool to see a recap sort of post at the end of the year where you talk about which goals you did or did not meet. Or, ones that you abandoned because priorities changed! I hope you have a fantastic 2022!

    Liked by 1 person

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