About Me.

Brief about me section.

My name is Zoë Allard, I’m heading towards my mid-30’s questioning a lot of random things & also trying to dip my toes into the writing world. Below is a few random facts about me… purely because I did not know what else to write! Ha

– My favourite colours are Black & Red

– I have a massive phobia of frogs and toads

– I have ADHD, Hypothyroidism and Anxiety Disorder.

– My favourite film’s are: SCREAM, American Psycho, IT chapter’s 1&2 & E.T.

– I am a massive Star Wars fan.

– My favourite Tv shows are: The Walking Dead, Viking’s, American Horror Story & This Is Us.

– My guilty pleasure film is Titanic.

– I have a bit of an obsession with Wolves/Werewolves, I also love stuff about Witches and Vampires.

– My favourite writers are Stephen King, Jane Austen, John Green, Emily Dickens and Edgar Allan Poe.

– I spend a lot of my free time writing stories and poetry and doing revision/homework for the comprehensive creative writing course I am studying. Or getting myself lost in a good book 🙂