A compassionate letter from an imaginary friend.

Evening everyone, I realise it’s been a week since I last posted. Things got a bit overwhelming in the last week and I had a lot going on so didn’t really get round to the whole blogging thing. But I’m back now and tonight I wanted to share with you a compassionate letter I wroteContinue reading “A compassionate letter from an imaginary friend.”

A poem in the wake of my late friend ✨

I did a poetry workshop today where I wrote a lot of poems about various subjects. This poem I wrote in relation to losing one of my friends to Covid earlier this week. This poem is written in memory of my friend Jason Pendred, I’m sorry you didn’t get to see us all again andContinue reading “A poem in the wake of my late friend ✨”

A mid-week poem ✨

She’s Lost by Zoë Allard She’s lost, she won’t admit it She hopes she’ll find her way She wishes she could turn back time She wished that they would stay. She’s lost, she won’t admit it She will refuse your hand She won’t share her dark memories She buries them in the sand She’s lost,Continue reading “A mid-week poem ✨”

•Emotional Exhaustion in Lockdown•

It’s very easy to experience a lack of motivation in our current situation. No-one thought in March-April time last year when the first lockdown hit that this would go on as long as it did. But here we are, confined in our homes again, wondering when it’s all going to end… “Emotional exhaustion is aContinue reading “•Emotional Exhaustion in Lockdown•”

Poem & Prose Corner 2…

Here is a little something I wrote about unrequited love… it’s not based on anyone in particular, this is just an experience we are all too familiar with throughout our lives and I felt the need to write about it…. Unrequited by Zoë Allard I have wanted you forever You’re in my thoughts from dayContinue reading “Poem & Prose Corner 2…”

And here is the start…

Where to begin? I’ve made this little corner after a really shit 2020. The pandemic screwed me up physically and mentally, as I am sure it did many people. As someone who has battled mental health problems since as far as they can remember, the pandemic definitely didn’t make things any easier. But there wasContinue reading “And here is the start…”